My Soccer Life




I have been playing and loving soccer since I was 3 and have loved it my whole life. My position is goalkeeper. this is my favorite position because I get to use my hands and be the only person on the field that can use their hands. I also take the penalty kicks for my team. My favorite professional soccer team is Bayern Müchen. They are a club team in Germany. My favorite professional soccer player is Manuel Neuer. He is a goalkeeper and a good one. Manuel Neuer has won 28 trophies! I have won 5 trophies and 7 medals. I have been playing on my current team for 4-5 seasons, seasons start in July and end during the winter. Then another one starts at the end of winter and ends mid summer. I hope you enjoyed reading.

Wisdom Tale Project

Antlers. The tale Antlers is about a deer that loves his antlers but hates his legs. But then a hunter shot an arrow right past him and he ran away really fast. Then he got his antlers caught in a tree. He pulled so hard that his antlers came out of the tree. He was so surprised that the legs that he hated got him out of a bad situation. The moral of the story is to be thankful for what you have.

Camp Hanes

The 6th graders took a two hour bus ride for an overnight trip to a small town called King in North Carolina. We went to a camp called Camp Hanes to do some awesome activities! I arrived at school with my sleeping bag and my duffel bag ready to go on Thursday morning. We gathered into advisories while we waited for the buses to arrive. Once the buses got there we all rushed onto the bus. I got on and sat with my friend. The bus was quiet for a couple minutes, but then it started moving and a movie was playing! Once the movie was over we were there. 

Once I got off the bus and thought that this was going to be so much fun. And it was! We did activities like archery, canoeing, and hiking. My favorite was canoeing. It was my favorite because we got to have partners. My partner was Terrick. Once we put our canoe in the water, someone yelled, “Canoe wars!” We all started paddling really fast with our oars to ram other people with our canoe. There was so much laughter and yelling. After we were done with canoeing, we were all so thirsty from all the hard work. 

The trip to Camp Hanes was very fun and exciting and I wish I could go back. The thing I enjoyed the most was hanging out with my friends. Once we left on the bus I realized that I have almost been there before! Last April I went with my soccer teammate to a soccer tournament that was in a soccer park right next to Camp Hanes, crazy coincidence! This was my experience at camp Hanes. I hope you enjoyed it!

Finding Someplace

We read a book called “Finding Someplace” this summer. It was about a girl named Reesie who was home alone when Hurricane Katrina hit her house. She had to pack a backpack full of important things, like papers, passports, and a phone. Now I have to pack a bag like Katrina is going to hit my house. Here is what I would bring. 

First I would grab our family trauma bag half full of medical supplies. Next, I would fill that bag with cash, so I can buy some stuff at stores. Then I would pack a water bottle, my phone, a whistle, my phone charger, our house building contracts, birth certificate, and finally my dad’s Navy license. 

Here is why I would bring these supplies. I would bring our house trauma bag because it has medical supplies and it’s not full. I would put some cash in it because a lot of people will have to only take cash because there is probably no technology like a card reader that the seller took with them. I would pack a water bottle in case I get thirsty. I would pack my phone so I can get help. I would also pack a whistle if people don’t see me but I need help. A phone charger.this will charge my phone when it runs out of battery. I am going to bring our house building contracts and bills because we are building a house and the papers are important. And finally My brother and my birth certificate. This is what I would bring if Hurricane Katrina hit my house and I needed to survive.