The Stock Market

In April, my 6th grade Language Arts class had a challenge. But not a challenge you would think of, something different. A stock market challenge! As soon as I heard this my mind started rushing with ideas! We added a spreadsheet to see how much money we made. My class updated it every week. We also had $20,000 dollars to spend on stocks. After a month of investing, I made $2,564.26 dollars! That meant I won my class and got a prize. I was very happy on how this paid off and it was very fun.

My Ted-Talk

Recently my 6th grade Language arts was tasked with making a Ted like Talk, the first thing that came to mind was RC planes. I was already really passionate about this topic and was super exited to share. It took me about two weeks to make the script and the presentation. As soon as I finished, I had to think of props! Seen in the image above I brought my RC plane as well as the remote and battery. On the day of presenting I was super nervous, but one deep breath calmed me instantly. I was the very happy when I was presenting and got lots of compliments from my peers! Overall, the presentation was very fun.


My Heat Shield Project


One thing I enjoyed from an outside class was my heat shield project in science class. This was one of my favorite projects because I got to expand my learning in heat and demonstrate how I can use objects to protect an egg from heat. This project started with my group designing a diagram of what objects we could use to protect the egg. Then we started testing different materials with a heat gun to see if we could actually use them. We came up with our final idea and brought it outside to do the final test against a blowtorch! If it cooks then we fail, but if it is raw we will win. After 2 minutes against the blowtorch it was…… RAW! My group was so happy we won and it was a great learning experience. 

My Ideal World

Sports Planet

Welcome to Sports Planet! I am your tour guide, Connor.  Let me show you what we have here.

As you are about to land on your ship from earth in the year 508,775,238 you will see a big green and dark purple planet. You won’t have to adjust a lot from earth because it is similar! This planet is located in the Triangulum Galaxy, and the population is only 1 billion. It’s a small planet. 

Some things you will interact with will be the rivers. All the rivers are a drinking source with purple Gatorade and Ice Pop Prime. The sky during the night has lots of stars covering the planet although this planet does not have a moon. During the day it NEVER rains so you will always be happy. The type of plants you will find on Sports planet will be lots of grass, greenery, and trees. You will also find lots of flowers, in fact there will be vending machines that dispense flowers to whatever kind you want. There is a gem mining activity for all ages. There are the same rocks as earth but one… this one is different, this one has every rock in existence combined in one! It’s really cool, it even has the colors too. But this rock is very rare to find, in fact there are only five on this planet! 

Now let’s head to the Football Jungle Zoo. Once we walk through these doors we will see the butterfly section. There is nothing new because they are all the same as earth. If you hold your hand out sometimes the butterflies will land on your hand! The rest is under construction because this is a new planet. The four seasons are just like Earth, Winter, Spring, Fall and Summer. During the Winter the average high temperature is 36 degrees Fahrenheit and the low average temperature is 23 degrees Fahrenheit. It occasionally snows during the winter. During the spring it rains a lot and the average high temperature is 58 degrees Fahrenheit which helps for the flowers that are growing in the spring. The low average temperature is 49 degrees Fahrenheit. During the summer it gets almost to 100 degrees Fahrenheit every day. In the fall the leaves start to turn orange. The temperature does not go over 70 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Down the road from the zoo is the capital city called Soccer Town, the population is just under 700 million people. There are lots of things you can do in soccer town. The residents of soccer town like to go to a restaurant called Dribble Dribble Shoot. There are lots of restaurants but this one is the best. Dribble Dribble Shoot serves hamburgers, hot dogs, and my favorite soccer ball cake. There are 70 soccer fields in soccer town for all ages. On Goal St. there is the capital of the planet. This planet has a representative democracy government system. The leader of the executive branch is world famous Pele. But the thing about this democracy is that there are only 2 branches: Executive and the House of Representatives. The House leader is famous soccer goalkeeper Peter Shmichal. If you do something unlawful you are punished with a peaceful death penalty, the laws are the same as earth so you don’t have to restudy about the laws. Thanks for coming along for the tour!

6th Grade Field Trip

Last Friday the whole 6th grade from my school went on a field trip! We went to the North Carolina Natural Science Museum.

When I got to school on Friday, I wasn’t really expecting anything good (especially the 30 min bus ride to the museum). It was Day 2 that day, so we had an advisory but we went to C period in the band teacher’s room for a briefing on the field trip. After over 1 hour of sitting we finally got to get on the bus! I sat with my friend around the middle of the bus.

After the 30 minute bus ride, we finally got there! We all got off the bus and all the different advisories were in a line. We got paired with another advisory. Then we walked in the museum. It was awesome! There were animals, dinosaurs, and even a sloth! Our group went to the RACE exhibit and we filled out a sheet about what we learned. Then we went to an animal part of the museum. And my favorite part, the forest. It was so cool! There were trees with birds, waterfalls with fish, and dens with foxes! 

After we finished with the museum we all went outside to look at the statues. I didn’t find them that interesting, they were all like people that fought in war. We didn’t have much time so we got back on the bus.

I loved the field trip to the museum and in summary I highly recommend going. Thank you for reading!

Window or Mirror


Image from Sora

A window and a mirror are very cool and interesting sayings. A window book is a book that is nothing like your life. A mirror book is a book exactly like your life. My book is The War Outside by Monica Hesse. It is about a Japanese girl who lives in a camp during WWII where she and her family were captured and are trying to survive the war. This book is a window because I wasn’t alive in 1943, living in a camp and I am not from Japan.  Another reason is that I do not do as many chores as the main character does. Lastly, I am not restricted in where I go like she is. Thank you for reading and make sure to leave a comment on what you are reading and if it is a window or mirror.

My Soccer Life




I have been playing and loving soccer since I was 3 and have loved it my whole life. My position is goalkeeper. this is my favorite position because I get to use my hands and be the only person on the field that can use their hands. I also take the penalty kicks for my team. My favorite professional soccer team is Bayern Müchen. They are a club team in Germany. My favorite professional soccer player is Manuel Neuer. He is a goalkeeper and a good one. Manuel Neuer has won 28 trophies! I have won 5 trophies and 7 medals. I have been playing on my current team for 4-5 seasons, seasons start in July and end during the winter. Then another one starts at the end of winter and ends mid summer. I hope you enjoyed reading.

Wisdom Tale Project

Antlers. The tale Antlers is about a deer that loves his antlers but hates his legs. But then a hunter shot an arrow right past him and he ran away really fast. Then he got his antlers caught in a tree. He pulled so hard that his antlers came out of the tree. He was so surprised that the legs that he hated got him out of a bad situation. The moral of the story is to be thankful for what you have.

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